13 07 2001

Thursday was an interesting day. Glen and I had an acoustic lunchtime show on the square in Elizabethtown, PA. First we broke a string, then an old guy scolded us for being too loud. (no one else seemed to agree.) Then a little girl got caught up in Glen’s legs, then a tractor-trailer rig slammed into a little Honda Civic right next to us, then we broke another string…

All in all, a good show. Its the third or fourth year we’ve done it, and some families have been there every year, so we’re getting the chance to watch kids grow up!

Practiced for the Christmas project today — seems wierd running through “We Three Kings” when its a zillion degrees out and everyone’s in shorts. But hey, it has to start sometime, right?

The next task is to get all the copyright clearances before the studio session start. That’s going to be less of a problem now that I’ve jettisoned some of the songs — you can’t just put 17 songs on a disc! Pretty much got the contents of the disc sketched out now — who’s doing what and when — now we have to actually DO it, and I have to come up with some kind of order. And, I still don’t know what I’m doing vocally with one of the originals. It seems to me that the song requires a threesome of female singers, and I think I know how to find three singers, but the actual arrangement may take more time. I think I’ll have to wait till the instrumentation and lead vocal is done, before I can come up with an arrangment of the backing vox.

Hopefully, there will be something for everyone on the disc, since a lot of styles are going to be represented.

Here’s an unrelated tidbit. I read this week’s Newsweek, and after ranting for a few minutes about the fact that they called Lifehouse a metal band, i realized that they called Lifehouse a metal Christian band. Now that gave me pause…. Hmmm… the lyrics seem to fit!

Fun Fun Fun!




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