7 07 2001

Last night was interesting. . . Met the new restaurant manager at the Marriott, and he’s from Cancun! So we talked about Cozumel, the wonderful snorkeling in Chankanab, evenings in San Miquel…

He’s going to the Yucatan for vacation to visit his family this month, so I’m extremely jealous.

The gig last night was billed as just a background music kind of thing, with an emphasis on classic songs. I did get a few requests in that area — some of which I gladly filled — but oddly, the crowd responded best to the original music. I even had a mom and her son come up and play shaker on “Down to Size.”

Earlier in the evening, fellow geek Greg Tucker came through to visit. He’d been planning a trip to the Football Hall of Fame, so he did what any red blooded American guy would do: Went to Atlantic City first. Then swung through Harrisburg for some Chinese food and conversation.

By the way, he never made it to Ohio. He went back to Silver Spring and installed a hard drive instead….

Today is our first night at Slammerz, and I notice on the fliers for the club that after tonight, every Saturday is Latin night. I’m assuming the live rock music is moving to a different night.

We’re really looking forward to tomorrow though. We’re playing on Harrisburg’s City Island, and my entire family will be there — two generations up and three down. After our last set, the Mayor will speechify and then the city’s fireworks display will be shown. I have a feeling they will be bigger than Williamsport’s…




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