5 07 2001

Another day, another banal entry! Whoo -eee!

After an entire day obsessing about the pending Christmas project — what songs to use, what musicians to call and beg for favors, that sort of thing — we went into Williamsport for the fireworks display. The light show was fine, of good duration and interest, but the radio station basically does this 20-minute or so montage of music that accompanies the fireworks. It seemed like a valiant attempt to have a little something for everyone, but hearing The Police and Frank Sinatra and Will Smith in the same chunk of time felt just a bit schizo.

We did run into some friends, one of which told us of his hope to bring major music acts to Williamsport. I wish him well! (And, of course, I’d love to open for someone!)

I’ve been working on a Christmas song called “The Trees Understood” since the day I decided to do the project. I have a chorus. That’s it. Everytime i sit down to work on it, i either restructure that chorus, or I write something else. Tonight, I thought i’d curl up on the couch with the guitar and work on that song. Instead I wrote a rather folky number called “Because He Loves Me So.” I don’t know what will become of it. Maybe it will end up in the Christmas project.




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